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Luxury Homes in Ventura County

Eddy Milanes

Spend just a little bit of time talking with Eddy Milanes and you'll know who you're working with--a fun, energetic agent who knows his stuff...

Spend just a little bit of time talking with Eddy Milanes and you'll know who you're working with--a fun, energetic agent who knows his stuff...

Mar 14 3 minutes read

Luxury Homes in Ventura County 

We wanted to first and foremost thank all the HARD WORKING  people this past week who have kept our stores running, kept our County safe and provided the best medical care available.  

We understand this is challenging times for most be we wanted to do our part and provide some distraction for those needing a change in their newsfeed.  

Check out some beautiful MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR homes here in Ventura County.

We know that this is a difficult time for most of our clients.  We are making adjustments every day to still continue to provide the best service.  For those thinking about buying, interest rates are at a historical low.  We can offer virtual tours of homes if you would prefer to view homes from the comfort of your own home.  


Luxury Homes in Ventura County













What our clients have to say

I couldnt be more happy with the results.

My wife and I were extremely picky about the house we were looking for. We wanted the perfect floor plan at the perfect price, which was generally less than the going rate. Eddy was extremely patient and helpful throughout the whole process (which was nearly a year), and never rushed us a single time. My parents have always gone through multiple realtors when looking for a new home, and I believe this would have been the case had God not blessed us with Eddy at the very beginning of our search.

I cant thank Eddy enough

Eddy walked us through the whole process and stood by our sides. He went to "bat" for us multiple times and for the most part (no fault of Eddy's) everything went smoothly and we closed on time. Eddy and I have been friends since we were kids but he still was just as professional, is such a hard worker, is very comical, and knows his "stuff"! His whole team is pretty awesome!! :-) I can't thank Eddy enough for finding this house and helping to make this happen! My family and I love and thank you! ~The Sadowsky's~

I would definitely use Eddy

Eddy helped me with the purchase of our first home. he was very helpful with helping find the perfect condo for us, and he made sure that we got the best deal possible. Eddy also helped me with the loan process to make sure that the loan I had was the best suited for me. he not only was there to help me with the whole process of buying the home, he still helps with any questions I have. I would definitely use Eddy with any home buying needs you may have. I would also refer all of y friends and family to use Eddy as a realtor.

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